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Louis Vuitton designed the first revolutionary LOUIS VUITTON flat leather case, and in Paris, opened the first LV store, creating the first generation of LV pattern, since then, the capital letter combinations LV the pattern has been the symbol of LV leather, has long lasting. But like today, LV's design will soon be copied, then flat-topped rectangular suitcase will become a trend. LV suitcase from the early to the T stage in Paris a year now constantly changing LV fashion show, Louis Vuitton has been standing in the international fashion industry to the top position. Louis Vuitton leather goods boutique can be classified as one of the top brand leather goods. Louis Vuitton boutique not only leather, it has all kinds of purses, men and women, scarves, pens, watches and so on. Now design director is Marc Jacobs. Recognized as the world's top brands Louis Vuitton, any country is its love with the aristocratic gentleman who has been four years spent with the abbreviation of Louis Vuitton portfolio, becoming a leader in the trend of the times, the Asian countries, especially Japan, more on Louis Vuitton crazy cult, in recent years, the Japanese put the branding into the realm of myth, using creative packaging and marketing practices, the artistic collaboration with Louis Vuitton onto the palace, Louis Vuitton after changing times, not only did not show the old state has continually reached the limit.
louis vuitton bags

Canvas, Plaid, LV Louis Vuitton pattern - 100 years ago, Louis Vuitton has such a face, a hundred years later, Louis Vuitton still has such a face. "Monogram canvas" is the LV Louis Vuitton's first face, but also its timeless image. Louis Vuitton "W-Bag" handbag soon swept the fashion circles, it contains any element can become lets you "immediately want to have" reasons: multiple splicing finest materials, innovative and unique three-stage W modeling, multi-level inner bag design, velvety suede lining, handbags EPI 90s engraved version of V-shaped handles. The PM and GM two size options, the Louis Vuitton store within the reservation has been accepted. Resembles the shape of the letter W Louis Vuitton W-bag is destined to become the new darling of fashion women can be back and can carry two kinds of changes in the appearance of design in a variety of fabric stitching spell personality, favorite leather tufted with hybrid technology, elegant generous without losing detail texture, although not able to envision tried real love of practical large handbag eyes emit light.
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Louis Vuitton waterproof, fireproof legend, the true extent difficult to pursue, but it does not need leather or other ordinary leather, but uses a painting with, called Canvas, canvas material, plus a layer of waterproof PVC, printed on standard pattern , and then after embossed, before it was completed, this section canvas has excellent pressure and wear resistance and toughness, to ensure long-term deformation, do not fade, and the pattern intact, almost all of the basic models are based on section canvas, be designed leather play a different purpose. Making a Louis Vuitton wallet, you must step through 1000. His briefcase early in the design, will be in the laboratory for two consecutive weeks will not be deformed continuously switch test test, strict quality tests, is to allow consumers to buy with confidence. Louis Vuitton leather used almost all consumers know, Louis Vuitton leather goods with a dozen years, are still intact, but also because of skin color, long-term skin touch with the passage of time, it becomes natural and elegant color. This wallet LV graceful and elegant, the whole body classic LV printing, layout reasonable fine, change position, bills folder, card slots readily available, if you're a girl, and you are a diehard fan of LV, this is definitely your choice.
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Beautifully Louis Vuitton leather belt men's gold buckle, glare shining copper Manbang new, copper texture showing the back of elegant temperament, coupled with a strong sense of metal hardware buckle with black textured body back, fashion and leisure perfect fusion of minimalist fashion style, is an excellent choice for business men.
louis vuitton sunglasses

Louis Vuitton in 2005 launched the first sunglasses series. Uphold the professional spirit, the company has invited the visual optical industry's best expert guidance sunglasses manufacturing production. Sunglasses in mastering the process of making craftsmanship, Louis Vuitton always adhere to the concept of the pursuit of excellence. The latest sunglasses tinted glass style only has a stylish appearance, but also with UV filter, foldable for easy carrying, and other special functions. Superior exquisite style, first-class materials and excellent craftsmanship on common reached a Louis Vuitton sunglasses excellent quality. The attention to detail and exquisite design and perfect blend of high quality, it is Louis Vuitton sunglasses distinctive new manufacturing concepts. Louis Vuitton sunglasses on the details of the design of the most appropriate and detailed consideration, the frame styles to better reflect the unique style of Louis Vuitton. The same careful consideration is also reflected in sun glasses and other functional elements such as lenses for eyeglasses styles of decorative elements. Louis Vuitton sunglasses everywhere embodies the precision and detail, so that the wearer can experience the real luxuries. Classic Monogram flower pattern with superb technology in acetate material on carving. Louis Vuitton brand is not simply the words printed on the glasses, but made ??of metal, and then embedded in the cellulose acetate sunglasses mirror arm and let it blend with the overall material, totally natural.
louis vuitton outlet

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